Saturday, June 30, 2012

Many new Bible lesson's have been written and will be taught in the mountains in the next few months.  These are life changing principles about being freed from spiritual bondage and praying against spiritual warfare.  Please keep our trainers in your prayer!!  Pray as the lessons are passed from trainers to agents to families that they will keep there Biblical integrity and that many will understand and accept these truth,
 The Bible truths in these hands have the Power of God to change lives on La Gonave for God's Glory!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Big Thank You- to God, Dr Kris and Community Health

In our pilot village of Fontina, where God has been changing lives and making a healthier community, lives a godly man named Sekay.  He is a leader in his community and has taken every lesson taught and embraced it for his family and the needs of his people.  Village Health Haiti would not be moving around the island like it is without the help of this man.  God worked a life saving miracle for him by sending our team to Fontina.  When we agree to work in an area, each family receives the health book that was written by our own Dr Kris Theade; she has been a missionary in Haiti for many years. 
Sekay was using his machete in the field and it slipped and hit him in the leg; where he lives in the mountains is over an hour away from our Wesleyan Hospital and with the amount of blood being lost he would surely bleed to death before reaching it.  Sekay remembered reading about how to stop bleeding in the health book, after hurrying to make a tourniquet he was able to travel to the hospital and receive stitches. 
Sekay says that the health book saved his life.  He wanted us to thank Dr Kris and each one who is making Village health possible.  We also thank you for saving the life of a great leader in the mountains of La Gonave. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thursday Adventures

We left the compound around 10 o’clock AM, and headed up the streets of Anse-a-Gallets toward our destination.  It took two pickup trucks and a four wheeler to carry 120 banana plants, 9 people, and 3 large boxes of Haitian Bibles and health books.  Our journey took about 2 hours to get to La Torre, which is one of the larger villiages up in the mountain, then other half hour to get to Terre Sel.  The village of Terre Sel is a gorgeous one. It has vibrant red dirt, big mango trees everywhere, and a very curious population.  Once we arrived at the small church building where everyone was gathering to see what “blan” were up to; my dad and the CHE workers began to explain our purpose there. They explained to the people that we had brought banana plants and books for some of the families who were part of the CHE program.  The Bibles and health books were taken to the pastor’s house for him to distribute, while the bananas were divided into groups of 10 or 15.
Not every family got a banana tree, because not everyone had a place for them or the knowledge to make it grow.  CHE  is not wealth distribution organization. It’s helping those who want to help themselves but cant, not just giving handouts to everyone.  After talking to some of the community at the church the two trucks went in different directions to drop off plants and to inspect some of the latrines that had recently been built. Some of the houses that we went to were very remote. The access roads to get there included donkey trails and hiking paths. One of the houses that we went to sat right on the top of the highest mountain, the view was incredible. You could see down into the joining valleys and over to the coast and vast ocean.  While we were trying to catch our breath from both the hike  and then the view that was taking our breath away, a group of children had gathered around us. They started shouting “fe photo nou” which translates to “take our picture”. 
The kids were so fun and friendly I had a hard time making myself say goodbye in order follow the rest of the group who had started the descent back to the truck. Once back at the truck we headed down the mountain where we stopped at a town to meet up with the other truck.  They had left early to get a tire fixed because as usual one had gone flat earlier in the journey. As we once again began our trek down the mountain, we had to stop once more but this time by my request.  On one side of the road was a church and school building but on the other side was a cock fighting ring. 
 The moment was just too good to pass up; I had to take a picture! From then on it was smooth riding, well not really the roads were still horrible but there were no more unexpected interruptions. After another two hours we had made it back to the compound exhausted bodies but with our hearts in high spirits.
                                                 Pretty much just another Thursday in Haiti. 

Cassandra -Daughter of the boss 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

more Good News

 A couple of days ago Mikenson (one of our Haitian Trainers) went to a village in the mountains called 
Grand Lagon.  He has gone there previously several times to translate for church services.  Before Community Health Evangelism came to town and delivered Bibles, Health Books and bags of cement for latrines there were between 25 to 30 people in attendance.  
This week there were 90!! 
 At this point we only have this verbal report so are waiting for how many new converts and Bible Studies are happening but I just wanted to praise God of his faithfulness to these people. 

  Bibles being delivered

He is in the saving business!! 

 I can report that 27 people from the Saline have received Christ as their Savior in the last month!!  
We have seen many latrines that were finished and several more being worked on!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Really Big Opportunity!!

Just out side Port Au Prince is one of the largest Tent Cities where hundreds of people who lost everything in the earthquake are now living.  We have heard that this city is called "New Canaan".  Every time we go to and from Port we see this area and pray for the people there. 
 Now God is opening a door for us to touch these lives.
A church has recently been planted  and they heard about the Community Health/toilet project!! 
They are waiting to hear when we will be able to start training with them. 
We are excited and overwhelmed!! 
Humanly speaking we are stretched to keep up with the work we have now.  A new trainer would need to come on as a salaried person, for which we have no funds.  Latrines, Bible, Health books and training materials... We pray daily for these needs to be met here on La Gonave.  
This opportunity is God sized and he will supply all the needs. 
We are looking for a $10,000 commitment to this new adventure. 
$40 for each family plus the salary for a new trainer!!
We are praying Big and Believing Big because we have a Big God!

We will post more pictures in the next few days... so keep checking back.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Toilets 4 Haiti
Our new web page is up and running!!  Over $4000 has been given to the latrine project on La Gonave Haiti on this new sight.  We have a long way to go before every family on the Island has their own outhouse but that is our 10 year goal.  It will take many people doing their part but lives will be changed and many saved!! Thank you each one who has helped!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We flew on Missionary Flights International, arrived safely in Port au Prince on Thursday afternoon and then took a truck ride up the cost, spent the night at a friends house and crossed the water on very calm seas.  I am praising the Lord for answered prayer.  We are nearly settled in and enjoying a warm welcome from the nationals and fellow missionaries.  I am doing much better.  My neck still gets very tired by the end of the day and that frustrates me but the pain in my arm is gone so I have much to be thankful for.

Village Health Haiti is marching along and God is blessing.  Money is coming in slowly but we send out cement, Bibles and Health Books every time God sends us a chunk of change.   Five villages are at 100% latrines and 3 more will soon join them.  Please pray that we know what scripture lessons to prepare for the next few months.  We appreciate all of your prayers!!