Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Big Thank You- to God, Dr Kris and Community Health

In our pilot village of Fontina, where God has been changing lives and making a healthier community, lives a godly man named Sekay.  He is a leader in his community and has taken every lesson taught and embraced it for his family and the needs of his people.  Village Health Haiti would not be moving around the island like it is without the help of this man.  God worked a life saving miracle for him by sending our team to Fontina.  When we agree to work in an area, each family receives the health book that was written by our own Dr Kris Theade; she has been a missionary in Haiti for many years. 
Sekay was using his machete in the field and it slipped and hit him in the leg; where he lives in the mountains is over an hour away from our Wesleyan Hospital and with the amount of blood being lost he would surely bleed to death before reaching it.  Sekay remembered reading about how to stop bleeding in the health book, after hurrying to make a tourniquet he was able to travel to the hospital and receive stitches. 
Sekay says that the health book saved his life.  He wanted us to thank Dr Kris and each one who is making Village health possible.  We also thank you for saving the life of a great leader in the mountains of La Gonave. 

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  1. In this discussion , namely where God has changed the lives of many individuals mnjadi better to sekay .He is also a leader in the community and he took a lesson for mutual respect among manusia.cerita is nice that is more inclined to gratitude for what God gave