Friday, March 30, 2012

Really Big Opportunity!!

Just out side Port Au Prince is one of the largest Tent Cities where hundreds of people who lost everything in the earthquake are now living.  We have heard that this city is called "New Canaan".  Every time we go to and from Port we see this area and pray for the people there. 
 Now God is opening a door for us to touch these lives.
A church has recently been planted  and they heard about the Community Health/toilet project!! 
They are waiting to hear when we will be able to start training with them. 
We are excited and overwhelmed!! 
Humanly speaking we are stretched to keep up with the work we have now.  A new trainer would need to come on as a salaried person, for which we have no funds.  Latrines, Bible, Health books and training materials... We pray daily for these needs to be met here on La Gonave.  
This opportunity is God sized and he will supply all the needs. 
We are looking for a $10,000 commitment to this new adventure. 
$40 for each family plus the salary for a new trainer!!
We are praying Big and Believing Big because we have a Big God!

We will post more pictures in the next few days... so keep checking back.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Toilets 4 Haiti
Our new web page is up and running!!  Over $4000 has been given to the latrine project on La Gonave Haiti on this new sight.  We have a long way to go before every family on the Island has their own outhouse but that is our 10 year goal.  It will take many people doing their part but lives will be changed and many saved!! Thank you each one who has helped!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We flew on Missionary Flights International, arrived safely in Port au Prince on Thursday afternoon and then took a truck ride up the cost, spent the night at a friends house and crossed the water on very calm seas.  I am praising the Lord for answered prayer.  We are nearly settled in and enjoying a warm welcome from the nationals and fellow missionaries.  I am doing much better.  My neck still gets very tired by the end of the day and that frustrates me but the pain in my arm is gone so I have much to be thankful for.

Village Health Haiti is marching along and God is blessing.  Money is coming in slowly but we send out cement, Bibles and Health Books every time God sends us a chunk of change.   Five villages are at 100% latrines and 3 more will soon join them.  Please pray that we know what scripture lessons to prepare for the next few months.  We appreciate all of your prayers!!