Wednesday, April 4, 2012

more Good News

 A couple of days ago Mikenson (one of our Haitian Trainers) went to a village in the mountains called 
Grand Lagon.  He has gone there previously several times to translate for church services.  Before Community Health Evangelism came to town and delivered Bibles, Health Books and bags of cement for latrines there were between 25 to 30 people in attendance.  
This week there were 90!! 
 At this point we only have this verbal report so are waiting for how many new converts and Bible Studies are happening but I just wanted to praise God of his faithfulness to these people. 

  Bibles being delivered

He is in the saving business!! 

 I can report that 27 people from the Saline have received Christ as their Savior in the last month!!  
We have seen many latrines that were finished and several more being worked on!!

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