Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haiti Experiences

Madame Wobenson is a lovely Haitian lady that comes to our home and cleans several days a week. She is a widow with 3 children and this is a way that we can help her take care of her family. She speaks no English and I know very few words in Creole, which makes life difficult but amusing... We laugh a lot, at least that is a common language. Yesterday she cooked a wonderful meal of rice, beans, chicken and fried banana's. Today she cleaned my windows which included the window sills in my bedroom that still had quite a bit of construction dust on them. I was so happy that she did this without me trying to ask, I don't know the Creole word for window :) I walked through my room to take Maddie to the bathroom and saw her "sweeping out" the window sills with my basting brush.... it made perfect sense. It has a nice angle to it for reaching back inside the old challis windows and efficiently cleaned off all the dirt. I just had to laugh, I love the way we get to look at things differently then we ever have seen them. My windows look awesome and fingers or spoons will work wonderfully for basting. I love my life.

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