Friday, March 26, 2010

First days in Haiti

An hour before we planned to get up, at 3 a.m., Madalyn woke me up and asked if we were going to the airplane yet. She has been waiting for an airplane ride since Jan when Lance flew to India. We left Hobe Sound, Fl to drive to the Missionary Flight Aviation airport at 5 a.m. and found out that a few friends were there headed to Haiti also. It was fun to chat while we waited for everything to be loaded into the plane. The plane was at its weight limit so we had to leave a bag behind. Lance volunteered (or Dad helped him volunteer) to leave his bag to be brought in the next day We took off on time and landed in Port au Prince, Haiti around 11:30 a.m. After filling out paper work, the girls and I climbed into a very welcome air-conditioned SUV and headed to the guest house. Lowell and Lance returned to the plane to gather our belongings. There was such a peace just knowing this was what we were supposed to be doing.

The sights and sounds of people everywhere and the bright color combined with not knowing what is being said should leave one overwhelmed, yet I find myself compelled to pray for individuals as we drive by. From the young men who look bored, the young girls alone on the streets, the mothers with babies, the pregnant teens, the old man with one leg and the group of boys waiting to clean our windows for change. There was not just one of each of these but it is repeated mile after bumpy mile. We passed army trucks, container trucks- that we guessed about what was inside them, vehicles from many well know international groups could be counted along the way. I found myself focusing on these unimportant, yet interesting things so that I would not have to really think about what it must have been like when the buildings around us first fell. But I couldn’t stop myself from looking and feeling the pain of knowing so many lives… gone. It is about 2 months after the quake and people are going about their daily lives, they have to because they are alive and that is what life does. I can’t find the right words to tell you the sorrow that I feel as I think about their broken hearts and as I think about those who never had a chance to know my good, loving and merciful God. Pray that we will quickly learn the language and that our lives will make a difference. I can hardly type with the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes as I struggle to help you know the desire God has placed in my heart to not just bring them to him to see the change that he desires for their lives.

We are all getting healthy from our colds and sleeping well at night in front of our fans. Maddie is making friends with everyone. Cassie is a great helper in the kitchen and I am so proud of her desire to be helpful. Lowell is dreaming and scheming about where to begin… I am just a little overwhelmed with the task ahead of helping at the guest house and not being able to speak to the help. Lance has been receiving his upcoming to do list with a smile and a groan- painting, gardening, computer work, moving furniture… whatever his mom can dream up. Life is good because God is good and he continues to poor out his peace and confirmation of his plan for our life.

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