Friday, August 13, 2010


Camping is one of my favorite "reality escapes" but I am always glad to get back home with all the ease my house offers. I saw the tent cities again. Reality is they have been living there for months now and when I saw the tens 6 weeks ago they still looked new but now the rains have come and pounded them day after day. The tents were made to be used a few weeks a year, by now some of the tents look like rags flapping in the wind. Reality is here. As we drove out of the city, I saw things being rebuilt and was so excited and grateful to God for the help that has come. Then I saw something that will replay in my mind over and over. We saw a tent village of two room pole houses covered with tarps. One was just over half way constructed and as the adults worked on finishing the last of the tarps the children danced around and clapped like they were getting a mansion built for them. Reality… again I am humbled by all that I have…

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